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Väärispuu ja Spoon OÜ is a sales company, located in Tänassilma Technology Park.  
Years back, the furniture makers and interior designers had access merely to a scarce variety of lumber and veneer. Today, Väärispuu ja Spoon OÜ with its 1500 sq. meters of warehouse space genuinely may offset even the memories from those bygone times, by regularly offering lumber and veneer produced from more than fifty different species.

Our customer service assistants are well-trained about the qualities of the materials they deal in. Therefore, do not hesitate the least when you need just more, or specific information with regard to the items or species of your interest. If you make furniture, stairs, doors and windows; or power- and sail boats, perhaps; but maybe even musical instruments, or you restore furniture, instead – you may always find some interesting and necessary material with our warehouse store. Thus, always feel free to stop by when staying in the area. Any encounter with people who either buy, or merely come to have a look, is overtly informative and mutually beneficial.

One of the features that make woods exotic is their specific colors. To get a glimpse for yourself, please have a look.